These are all the userboxes on the Mercedes Lambre Wiki. If you want to put a userbox on your profile, put the userbox code in {{ }}. Also, if you don't see a userbox you would like, you can make a request here.

General Userboxes

Mechi 2013
I am a fan of
Mercedes Lambre!

Code: Mercedes Lambre

This user is a proud

Code: Mechista

Mechi lover
This user loves
Mercedes Lambre!

Code: Mercedes Lover

Mercedes picture
Mercedes Lambre makes this user happy!

Code: Mercedes Happy

Mechi pretty2
This user thinks that
Mercedes Lambre is really pretty!

Code: Mercedes Pretty

Mechi voice2
This user thinks
Mercedes has a beautiful voice!

Code: Mercedes Voice

Mercedes makeup
I love
Mercedes Lambre's style!

Code: Mercedes Style

This user ships

Code: Mercina

This user ships

Code: Mechiani

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